Unknown Transactions on Google Play

Hi there, have you ever get Unknown Transactions in your Finance application even just once or maybe every month because of the subscription ?

I will try to share regarding unknown transactions and reduced funds 🙏

Never fill in a User-Pass outside of your finance application !!!
(Example: Get an email or message containing a Link to Claim a Bonus or something else)

You can do it below or watch for more details 🙏


1. If there is no order history in the Play Store

Report Unknown Bills

Send a report to our support team (enter email to receive a reply from Google), click on the blue text of the form below:

“Report unauthorized purchase” form
Contact Customer Support for your Financial Application whose balance has been deducted, to complete the form above

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✅ Submit ReFund to App Developers or Unsubscribe from App Websites

Let's check the problem:

👉 What is the Application, Web or Developer Name in the Transaction Description on the Finance Application?

👉 From the name of the transaction description, have you ever logged in, bought (Coins, Items, Credit) or subscribed to the Application or Website?

If YES, immediately contact to cancel the subscription or deactivate the account from the application or check the contact on the website page.

If NO, Make sure the charge is from Google Play and not someone you know.

2. If there is a history of orders on the Play Store, you can submit a ReFund

Check order history in the Play Store app or at pay.google.com

Google may provide refunds for some Google Play purchases depending on their refund policy.
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Hopefully it's useful & your problem can be quickly resolved 🙏
Thank you 😇